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An oasis in the heart of Europe and Bosnia and Herzegovina

About Fountain View Residential

Welcome to Buroj Ozone Fountain View Residential Apartments! This urban oasis promises you a life you have always dreamt of.

Building is specially positioned in city with magnificent views overlooking Biggest Dancing Fountain in Europe and Olympic mountain Bjelasnica.

Ozone is naturally available in the atmosphere Bjelasnica, one of the factors of why Ozone is considered to do miracles is the fact that it can activate immunocompetent cells, meaning it helps strengthen your immune system, which in return helps in eliminating everything that could pose a danger of getting a disease or any kind of illness.

This is the reason why "Buroj Ozone" provides the most healthy and revitalizing dwelling standards.

Position in city

Buroj International Group takes a professional approach with regard to our customers in order to provide them with highest standards of quality and we focus on executing even the smallest details to perfection.
· 24x7 professional security system

· Kids playgrounds and sport centers

· Beautiful gardens and gorgeous landscaping

· Plentiful parking space

· Rainwater harvesting and sewage treatment plant

What's nearby?

Dancing Fountain - 92m

Olympic mountain Bjelašnica - 990m

Ozone Hospital - 695m

Ozone Sports Center - 316m

Zayed Shopping Mall - 100m

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